Foster Mendez


Founder & Mortage Loan Specialist

Foster Mendez is the founder of Spear Mortgage.

Foster brings with him ten years of experience as a financial services lawyer. He understands all aspects of a loan agreement, and is able to help our clients interpret  their legal obligation as well as those of the lender.

Foster supports many of our clients who want to refinance their mortgage either to borrow against the equity or the value of the property. In these situations, he helps clients ensure the best terms possible while protecting themselves at the same time.


Katherine Baynes

Katherine Baynes


Katherine Baynes joined our team eleven years ago and has expertise in all aspects of the mortgage loan process. Katherine maintains our relationship with our lenders making sure that we can offer a broad range of mortgage products to our clients.

Katherine has worked for over 20 years in the finance industry, including time as a customer service officer and Mortgage Broker  in both Vancouver and Toronto. She is dedicated to providing personalised  service along  with supporting our clients long after their loan is finalised.

Jane Saunders



Margaret Saunders has been a part of the Spear Mortgage team for more than nine years. Margaret has over fifteen years of experience in the finance industry. She has worked as a branch lender and home loan processor, and brings with her a detailed understanding of the entire mortgage loan industry.

Margaret oversees all aspects of the Spear Mortgage loan application process. She maintains communication with clients so that they know the status of their application. She also assists clients with providing the necessary information required by lenders.

Pierre Trembley

Pierre Trembley


Pierre Trembley has been a part of our team for twelve years.

Pierre has worked as a Chartered Accountant with over twenty years experience in banking and finance in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. He has helped hundreds of borrowers secure funding under difficult circumstances, while ensuring that they are able to cope with their loan obligations. Most importantly, Pierre understands how important it is for our clients to find a loan that will help them achieve their goals.