Thinking of moving into a new home? Purchasing a home is a financial situation more than it is a simple stage of buying a new gadget or furniture.

However, you can get yourself trustworthy mortgage brokers to cut down on expenses. Our resident brokers will show you all the pertinent steps for a financially sound and wise loan in this guide.

Step-by-Step Process

#1: Discuss What You Need for Your Mortgage

Getting a mortgage pre-approval allows you to set expectations for the home buying process. You also get to ask for advice from a lender or other industry professionals.

The three important insights to gain from this pre-approval discussion are the following:

in discussion with a client

This all depends on your planned downpayment. This will give your lender an idea about just how much mortgage you would need.

In simple terms: by participating in this part of the pre-approvals, you are able to assess whether or not you should lower your buying price range due to affordability.

Remember, the mortgage pre-approval is non-binding. You are encouraged to be honest with your finances for accuracy.

#2: Send Necessary Information For Your Application

After formally narrowing your course of action, you are now ready to submit your requirements for the pre-approval stage. This step will then formalize your mortgage application.

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This is an overview of information you should expect to provide the mortgage lenders:

Updated Information For The Application

Supporting Documents

hands holding a clipboard

Property Details

It would also be useful to prepare your lawyer’s contact details to certify the legality of the mortgage contract.

#3: Choose Your Preferred Mortgage

The next step of the mortgage pre-approval process would be to choose the mortgage rates that are most applicable to you.

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By now, it is expected that you have already mulled over this matter during the pre-discussion step. But here are the important points you should consider.

Choose your Term

Choose your Mortgage Rates: Fixed vs Variable

person using calculator

Choose your Mortgage Rates: Open vs Closed

Your choice of mortgage rates and term depend on your financial capability. You will be issued a pre-approved certificate once the mortgage broker receives and acknowledges all these pertinent pieces of information.

#4: Wait for the Approval of Your Mortgage Application

Mortgage underwriting refers to how lenders determine whether the risk of lending to a particular borrower is acceptable.

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Lenders assess this risk by evaluating against qualification guidelines.

Here’s an overview of what happens while you wait for your mortgage approval:

Your approval depends on whether or not the lender is satisfied with your finances and property qualifications.

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Remember: there is also a rate hold guarantee from 30 to 120 days for the contract. Plan your payments accordingly once you get approved for a mortgage. The mortgage approval process usually takes around just 5-8 hours of processing.

#5: Finalization of Your Mortgage

You still have a few more documents to process once your loan application gets approved.

Lender Documents

These are the mortgage documents you need to accomplish upon approval of your home mortgage.These documents should detail the following:

man reading document

You have to make sure that these are all done, approved, and certified true.

Legal Documents

Your lender should be communicating with your lawyer to register the mortgage. In an appointment with your lawyer, you should be able to accomplish the following tasks, after which, the funds should be fully transferred to you.

document signing

The mortgage approval procedure requires time and patience. But remember the steps that are also easy enough to follow and can be simplified which are:


How Long Does It Take for a Mortgage Application to Be Approved?

The approval for mortgages takes an average of two weeks. This will depend on the urgency of your loan, your qualifications and credit for the loan [1], and the completeness of your mortgage process application.

How Do You Know When Your Mortgage Loan Is Approved?

You will know if the mortgage approval process is approved once your brokers contact you. This is because the lender informs them of legal processes before informing you.


The mortgage approval process may be long and tedious, but it is necessary to reduce your expenses by going through the process our experts shared above.

Your application will be a success if you keep a healthy relationship with your key partners: lawyer, broker, and the lender. More importantly, make sure your financial obligations and situation can accommodate repayments! Remember to settle your banks’ credit card balances on time.

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