As real estate demand becomes higher and higher in Canada, the largest cities in this country are experiencing astronomical rises in prices. As Toronto is the city with the largest population, this pertains to this maple leaf city as well. Let’s take a look at some mortgage lending options from private lenders and why they are a good alternative.

While banks are still giving out loans and mortgages, people are shifting towards private lending. This is in part due to the crack downs the government has placed on banks and other financial institutions. 


This is what results in the high interest rates and issues with payback. If you find yourself struggling with coming to terms with private lending, a bad credit score, or other personal issues, a private lender may be the solution for you.

Since houses and condos in popular cities in Canada can cost upwards of five hundred thousand to over a million, not everyone has the down payment saved up, especially during financial crises. You’ll also have broken relationships that can result in one partner wanting to buy out the other.

As mentioned, Toronto is the largest and most populated city in all of Canada, and the demand for real estate is also one of the highest. Let’s look at some benefits of opting for a private lender.

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